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Welcome to the Natter WikiEdit

Natter is an app-based social network. Natter allows its users or 'natterers' to post up to 100 characters, as well as one photo. The @mention will not notify other natterers and there is no way to search for hashtags. Natter was first launched in 2014 as a website, but has since launched mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

The Natter Unofficial Wikia

While this wikia was originally created as a meme, is has begun the slow process of becoming an archive of sorts. Hopefully old users and interested patrons alike will be able to learn a little something about what Natter and the community behind it was all about. Thank you for showing interest in our little corner of the internet. We have chronicled common Natterers as well as some prevalent events; and this wiki is consistently a work in progress.

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